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Olympic Hearing CenterHearing tests
Your audiologist talks with you about your concerns and takes a medical history.

Next will be a physical examination of your ears and several types of hearing tests, including a pure tone test, speech testing, recognition testing, and a speech in noise test, which determines how well you understand words in a noisy environment.

The results of your hearing tests will be recorded on an audiogram, which the audiologist will review with you. The audiogram reflects your hearing loss in frequencies and decibels. You will be shown the type, pattern, and degree of hearing loss, as well as the percentage of normal conversational speech that you are still able to hear. Your audiologist will then relate these results to your concerns about your hearing. This report will be provided to you to share with your physician.


Olympic Hearing Center


We offer hearing aids and other assistive devices. We believe that an informed patient is the best patient, so we'll take the time to educate you on all the available options and help you find the right fit for your individual needs and lifestyle.


Olympic Hearing Center

Trial Period
Once you and your audiologist determine the best solution for your hearing loss, we’ll fit the devices to your ears and provide the necessary programming. You’ll wear them for a trial period, during which you and your audiologist will work together to adjust the programming as necessary to make sure you get the best possible results.



Olympic Hearing Center

 Ongoing Care

We'll recommend a schedule for follow-up visits and maintenance depending on your needs.


"When I finally had to admit how much of my life – And my JOB! – I was missing, I decided to go to a “pro,” & I couldn’t be happier. The hearing aids themselves are wonderful (and wonderfully simple!), but the ongoing, follow-up care and service that I continue to receive from Curt and staff is exceptional! And most of us know that you can’t put a price on that."
- Mark


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