Olympic Hearing Center

Olympic Hearing Center focuses on diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology. We specialize in difficult fittings and are the only full-service, full-time audiology clinic in Sequim, Washington.


 "What a difference my new Phonak hearing aids make in my life! Especially over the holiday season, traveling and being in large family gatherings, restaurants, outdoor festivals, and a day at Timberline Lodge and the ski crowds, all these times were so much richer because I could clearly hear the conversations and I was part of all that went on with family and friends."
- Pat


Olympic Hearing CenterCurtis Miller, M.A., CCC-A F-AAA

“My success is measured in my patients’ success, not in numbers of hearing aids sold.”

Curt holds a Master of Arts degree in Audiology from the University of Denver and is Board Certified in Audiology. Curt opened Olympic Hearing because, as a hearing-impaired audiologist, he wanted to design a warm and comfortable environment to help people with hearing difficulties. He particularly enjoys working with musicians, because technological advances in hearing aids allow him to fine-tune the aids to work with musical instruments of all kinds, including “piano, organ, voice, violin, guitar, and even banjos.”